It is an eye opener to know that a new and well innovated operating system has indeed been added to our desktop operating system functionality. This operating system was made available to us the end user by the endless research and reinvention of already existing operating system by the team of developers and programming expert that do exist within the organizational structure of Apple Inc. As a patent product of Apple Inc. this product was officially lunched on July 25, 2012.

Ever since the release of this operating system, this operating system has been worked on as well as new and refined version of this operating system has been invented with more concentrations been placed on the maximum benefits that could be derived from the use of this operating system while placing emphases on the end users usage of this operating system. The early version of this operating system was also called OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8)

Like the name states, OS X Mountain Lion is indeed a lion to observe and behold when it is in full scale operational mode. Its early invention had slight distinguishing features which endeared it to end users. First it was programmed to function with a Macintosh computer while it had the capability to operate in full capacity either as a server side operating system or as a singular desktop operating system. Its early inventions also had the following ingredient that really made it outstanding. First, this operating system had in it an inbuilt calendar, reminders and notes which created the room for early users to have the capability to keep track of their appointments and engagements as they unfolds while using a device that had this operating system in operation in them.

The most recent version of this amazing operating system was launched in September 19, 2012 and as such it functionalities and modes of operation was far more result oriented than the earlier version of this operating system.. First this new version had in it an integration of social media logos which made it far easier for users to access their social networks accounts just clicks away. Example of the social network logos which were integrated includes Facebook, ichat and messages. Considering business executive and the need for them to make use of full scale messaging system, this innovated version of OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8) had in it mass messaging potentialities which were integrated into it. This integration created room for users to be able to send multiple messages to Macs users.

Other features which where integrated include web browsing potentialities with developers of this innovative operating system – after paying close attention to customers need, took practical steps to integrate multiple web browsers into this invention and innovated operating system. Some of the included web browsers are safari 6 and notification center.

In conclusion, I will like to stress this silent fact which all end user stand to benefit from. First, you as an end user, you will be giving the opportunity through which you will be notified of any recent update and issues that may arise as a result of your usage of this operating system which is called OS X Mountain Lion, while there is always a 24 hours help center available on Apple websites which will help clear all your doubts about this operating system.