Apple TV: An extra ordinary streaming box only for who love Apple


The Apple TV is a connected set-top box which offers access to iTunes, TV shows and movies, as well as content from Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo and a few other online media services. In addition you can also stream music, videos and photos from iOS devices using Airplay. Airplay Mirroring lets you stream any Web video to the Apple TV if you have a newer Mac running Mountain Lion. The Apple TV’s user interface is one of the best there is. In short the Apple TV takes all the content that would otherwise be tied to your iPhone, iPad and Mac and lets it loose on your TV. It’s a media-player for your TV that can show off all those lovely movies, TV shows and photos via the biggest display in the house and it does so in up to 1080p HD. 

The Apple TV undoubtedly has the best design of any streaming video box. It is a simple, unobtrusive black box with a small white light on the front that illuminates when it’s in active use. On the back are a handful of connections, including HDMI, optical audio output, Micro-USB and Ethernet. There is also built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi for connecting to your home wireless network, with support for dual-band Wi-Fi. You should particularly remember that the only video connection available is HDMI, so if you have an older TV, you can not sync it with that. Apple TV’s power supply is built-in. The remote is minimalist in a classic Apple way. It has a navigation circle at the top, a Menu button (which doubles as a Back button), and a Play/Pause button. On the other hand, it can’t compete with the Roku 3’s delightful remote that adds a built-in headphone jack, Wi-Fi direct control, and a few handy additional buttons like “skip back.” The Apple TV can also be controlled with an iPad or iPhone using Apple’s Remote app.

Apple TV: An extra ordinary streaming box only for who love Apple

The age old complain against the Apple TV was that it had very few apps, but that is not true. In addition to iTunes content, there’s support for most major streaming video services, including Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, YouTube, MLB.TV, Watch ESPN, NBA, NHL, Crunchy roll, Qello, and Vimeo. There are a couple live TV news apps: Sky News and WSJ Live. Airplay lets you stream any music, video, or photo from your iPhone/iPad right to your TV. It works with nearly every third-party app, so you can load up spottily on your iPhone, hit the Airplay button and it will stream straight to your Apple TV, while your phone is still used for control. It also works with your personal media, so it’s dead simple to browse photos or videos you shot on your smartphone on the big TV.

The Apple TV has two main competitors: the Roku 3 and Google Chromecast. But even after being compared with those, The Apple TV is an overall excellent streaming box and well-worth $100 if you’re heavily invested in iTunes content and the rest of Apple’s ecosystem of content.

Apple’s first full-HD set-top box comes with a freshly updated user interface, while providing the same easy access to Netflix, every movie, TV show and song in the iTunes Store, not to mention subscription sports channels. Unfortunately it’s still missing some key sources of programming – for which we can not entirely blame Apple. It won’t play every media format under the sun. But only for a hundred bucks, it is a good choice.