The gadget that you should have: iPad Air 2

With an improved camera and great performance iPad Air 2 gives you the best deal in town in terms of fancy smart gadgets. It’s even thinner than last year’s version. It has a faster processor. It has improved cameras. It has a Touch ID sensor. It has an anti-reflective display. Its storage options are a little more affordable, if you’re the type to pay up to 64 or 128GB.  And yes, it comes in optional gold-ish tinged metal. As a whole it is an A solid upgrade worthy of your consideration.

The most discussed feature on the iPad Air 2 and the iPad is, of course, Touch ID. You can now use your fingerprint to unlock your iPad. It’s about a lot more than that, though. Touch ID on the iPad Air 2 is all about Apple Pay and making it easy for you to purchase securely online at the touch of a button. The iPad Air 2 is thin at just 6.1mm, and light, too, at 437g. It’s not an unhealthy skinny, though – the Air 2 is rock solid. There’s no paper-like film of plastic you might find on some other thin tablets. Instead the aluminum back feels strong and robust, with a slight grain that makes it easy to grip. The iPad Air 2 is the first iPad without a mute/rotation-lock switch. The Lightning port for charging and data transfer is at the bottom, flanked by the stereo speaker grilles. The big 9.7-inch iPad has gotten its own bumped-up processor to stand over the rest of the iPhones and iPads. A new A8X processor promises extra graphics muscle versus the A8 on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. And there’s a little more, too: for the first time, the iPad has finally gotten a RAM boost: 2GB based on what Geek Bench 3’s diagnostics reveal, up from 1GB. Serious graphics or photo editors, those who edit or use creative video or music apps, or hardcore iPad gamers who want bleeding-edge graphics, this is your new dream machine. The rear iSight camera is notably better now than on the iPad Air at 8 megapixels instead of 5, and with features such as slow-mo, time lapse, and better face detection are better to have than not. There is also improved image signal processing via the A8X processor, similar to what the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus offer. But, this camera doesn’t have the same “focus pixel” autofocus as the new iPhones; this one focuses more like an iPhone 5S.

The resolution is same as before: 2048 x 1536. You’ll have to put the iPad a couple of inches from your face to notice any pixilation. Apple has made some important changes to it since the iPad 3 to improve colours and contrast ratios. Apple claims a 56% reduction in reflectivity of the iPad Air 2 by bonding the display and adding an antireflective coating to it. Another best thing that Apple hase to iPAd Air 2 is its stereo speakers. These pack a punch and are much louder than those on last year’s model. They’re better in other ways, too. Dialogue is richer, voices sound accurate and there’s a mite more bass. The speakers, coupled with the great screen, make the iPad Air 2 a perfect tablet for watching movies on the go. Apple’s claim on the iPad Air 2’s battery life is 10 hours, that’s the same as last year.

The iPad has leaped forward to the path of the laptop. It is great. But it is not that much different than it was a year ago.The iPad Air 2 is undoubtedly better than any other current iPad, Processor power and camera quality and Touch ID –are undoubtedly welcome additions. Wish you luck if you decide to buy one today.