iPad Mini 3

One of last year’s best, the iPad Mini 3 is a well desired choice despite the lack of upgrades. The difference between the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 is not that much. The Air is thinner and faster than last year’s model, and has a new kind of display technology that looks much better. But other than Touch ID, which uses your fingerprint to unlock the iPad, the iPad mini 3 is identical to its predecessor. You might get disappointed by the lack of upgrades; Apple’s smaller iPad is still a great choice. Both the display and battery life are excellent, and the addition of Touch ID takes care of your biggest complaint from last year.

The screen is not quite as good as what you’ll find on other competitors’ pads, what’s on the screen is much better. iOS still has more and better apps than Android, over 675,000 of them to be exact. More than the quantity is the quality: the same app on an iPad is generally better, faster, and better-supported than its Android equivalent. It may not be the best iPad, but it’s still an iPadI . It is powered by the same A7 processor as last year, running at 1.27GHz and paired with 1GB of RAM. Moreover Safari loads pages quickly and offers a perfectly responsive touch experience. The 473ms Sun Spider score is also a good one. The only way to get your gigabytes at the top end is to buy the most expensive version of the mini 3 – currently standing at US$729 (£579, AU$899). The screen has a 1,536 x 2,048 resolution, and at 7.9 inches. It offers very crisp text and images. Though it is actually the same thing as the iPad Air 2, but even more crisp thanks to the pixels being closer together. The new iPad Mini 3 starts at $399 for a 16GB model. 64GB will cost you $499, and the top-spec 128GB model is $599.

The Touch ID sensor is the biggest improvement on the new mini slate, and it is the technology for which Apple is proud of. This is so far the most perfect biometric sensor on the mobile market and has secured hundreds of thousands of iPhones that would have otherwise been left open to thieves. Now the question that comes to mind is WOULD YOU REALLY SPEND $100 JUST FOR TOUCH ID?

Old technology is a poor argument for buying a new tablet. Except for a gold option and Touch ID, the iPad Mini 3 is almost identical to last year’s model. It also lacks the processor and camera upgrade of its big brother in the Apple family, the Air 2, and it’s still priced at the high end for midsize tablets. So the Air 2 is a far better option when compared with this gadget. But then again the 2014 iPad Mini 3 is a great tablet. It’s the perfect size for those who want something a little more mobile than the Air, and its mixture of performance, battery life and aesthetics still place it among the best small tablets on the market.