Pros And Cons Of Jailbreaking Your iPhone!

We all have thought now and then about Jailbreaking, some of them were daring enough to take this big step and some, just took a step back and settled with iOS 7. If you have ever thought of Jailbreaking your iPhone, let us make the benefits and disadvantages very clear to you.



  • Amazing apps choice: You had to download only what App Store offered, but after Jailbreak you can download loads of other useful and fun apps from various sources.
  • Enjoy the tweaks: You can customize your home screen, apps, looks, themes and a million other things by doing little tweaks and make your iPhone have a UI just as you always wanted.
  • It is 100% reversible process: Well, what if you don’t like the whole jail breaking and the way your phone behaves now? You have all the rights to go back to original iOS7 just as it was before, all you have to do is go to iTunes and restore it.
  • Custom Themes: This is one of the major reasons people fell In love with jailbreaks! From no theme at all suddenly you have a huge variety of themes to choose from.
  • Use free Wi-Fi tethering:  You don’t have to pay for tethering anymore, just download an app called MiWi and enjoy the service for free.


  • Your Warranty becomes void: Though you can restore your iOS again using iTunes, but you will never get the warranty back, this is the biggest disadvantage. The moment you jailbreak your phone, say goodbye to warranty.
  • The risk of bricking your phone: During the process of Jailbreaking or after doing it if anything goes wrong and your phone might brick. It might leave your phone absolutely unusable. Most of the themes the jailbreak experts have solutions, but few might just get stuck.
  • You might lose some useful apps from App Store: After jailbreaking some apps might not function in your phone any phone. Jailbreak updates keep releasing patches to fix it, but the issues are not yet completely solved.
  • Security Issues are the biggest concern: As it’s no longer under Apple’s eyes you might get security flaws. Not only you are at risk virus attack, but there is also the possibility that one of the apps you downloaded from the jailbreak market is actually a malware or virus.

The argument can go on about pros and cons, but the fact is, not many cases of problems with Jailbroken devices have been noticed. That is the reason why Jailbreaking is becoming so famous and people loving it. We recommend a thorough research and thought of it before going for Jailbreak. Think if you really need a Jailbreak for your iPhone, because if you do it once, there is no going back.